3 in 1 Program

The Bill Clark Kit consist of three programs combined into one master program to strengthen your knowledge and abilities in real estate investing.

  • Real Estate Investor Kit
    …outlined all the techniques fro effective real estate investing. Along with increasing your knowledge the materials are provided for evaluation and  our helping hand as a partner in making everything come together. [ more details ... ]

  • Real Estate FSBO Kit
    ...provides critical information on how to locate the right kinds of properties to invest in, and as importantly, the right kinds of sellers. [ more details ... ]

  • Personal Development Planner
    ... designed to help take your visions and dreams, and turn them into clearly defined goals with logical and practical ways to reach those goals. [ more details ... ]


 Bill Clark's Real Estate Investor Kit

Bill Clark's Real Estate Investor's Handbook

The Investor's Handbook will serve as your Primary reference Resource in becoming a successful real estate investor. In it, I have outlined all the techniques that I've developed, or learned the hard way, for effective investing.



The handbook is the definitive tool for learning the real estate investing game. It includes all the information that will be required for you to:

  • Locate properties through advertising and by utilizing available resources.
  • Qualify properties and sellers for potentially lucrative investment opportunities.
  • Learn the in's and out's of real estate, relating to real estate investing.
  • Learn creative financing concepts & techniques for maximizing profitability.
  • Learn how to purchase properties with little or no money of your own.
  • Learn tried and tru strategies for quickly selling or renting your properties.
  • Learn to use your time in your investment endeavors as efficiently as possible.

My All Inclusive Investment Forms Package

The forms package that you'll receive with your Investment Kit contains all of the forms that you will need to make money by investing in real estate. Included are:

  • Property evaluation sheets for listing individual property and seller information.
  • Cost flow analysis forms for assessing the viability of the property as a worthwhile investment.
  • All the necessary legal forms that you'll need for investing in real estate.
  • Highly effective purchase agreement forms for a variety of seller situations.
  • Proven offer to sell agreement forms for various scenarios.
  • High powered rental agreements and lease/option agreements, written with your best interest in mind.
  • The partnership agreement for use when partnering with VASH. (Bill Clark).

VASH Partnering & Knowledge Base Access

The most significant part of My Program of course is your relationship with VASH. (My Corporation), including complete access to all the knowledge I've accumulated throughout my career.


Access to VASH means that I will be at your service when you need my help in constructing transaction, analyzing the viability of a particular investments, or simply need any kind of real estate investment advice. My associates in the office will be able to take your immediate questions and forward them to me if necessary when I'm investing, for quick reference.


Of course, as a member, you will have access to all resources at my disposal, including a great deal os legal information, sources of foreclosure, and distressed property lists, and sources for finance and banking solutions.


Most importantly, you will have my complete involvement in all partnership investments, vistually guarantying success in closing profitable deals, right from the start. Again, I wish to remind you that this is the only opportunity of this kind that I know of, which is available to the beginning investor. Stated simply, this approach REALLY WORKS in transforming the aspiring investor into a seasoned, successful, real estate investor. [ Partnering Details... ]



Bill Clark's Real Estate FSBO Kit

The Real Estate FSBO Kit has been designed to provide real estate investors or just plain old regular homeowners the tips and suggestions that will help them sell their homes on their own, without a real estate license, and without paying commissions or fees.

The kit provides in depth information that will help you sell your home quickly while maximizing your profit potential at the same time. It includes all the information that will help you:

  • Learn all the steps necessary in selling your home.
  • Locate potential buyers.
  • Learn how to write ads and use key phrases to properly market your home.
  • Maximize your profit potential.
  • Learn proven marketing techniques
  • Sell your home without paying any real estate commission or fees.
  • Learn what motivates people to buy.
  • Increase the interest from potential buyers for your home.
  • Learn the three most important details when selling a home.


Personal Development Planner

The Personal Development Planner has been designed to help take your visions and dreams and turn them into clearly defined goals with logical and practical ways to reach those goals. The Personal Development Planner is also a way for us to get to know more about you and what you want to accomplish. This way we can take the information and customize your program, to help eliminate your weaker points and further enhance your stronger points, to help guarantee your success.

 The mission of VASH Partnering is to inspire, motivate, train and empower you to reach your goals through our various programs.
The Personal Development Planner is a tool we use to help teach and train you to use principles of smart Real Estate investing. Applying these principles correctly will assist you to be more successful while you are in the program as well as for the rest of your life! Your success will depend largely on how you learn and apply these principles. Not only will you learn and practice successful Real Estate Concepts, but the discipline and support you gain in this program will help you succeed at your goals in every aspect of your life.


 How Our Partnership Works

Enclosed in your investment kit you will find a membership agreement that needs to be signed and returned. Upon receiving this agreement you will be issued an ID number that will identify you when requesting information, or creating transactions. You will place this ID number on all documents sent to me.

I will then be available to help construct profitable transactions to buy and sell properties you are interested in, using my expertise to teach you my trade secrets, and helping you to create instant equity and profit with little or no money down.

Any transaction that you request my help in making will effectively make us 50% partners in the specific property, and we will thus be dividing any profits derived from the particular property. We conduct our business by fax and phone.

Locating the Right Properties

I will provide you with critical information on how to locate the right kinds of properties to invest in, and as importantly, the right kinds of sellers.

This is not as difficult as you might think, since there are literally thousands of profitable investment possibilities in any given area of this country. It does require work to find them however, as well as certain knowledge which has taken me many years to acquire. By partnering with me on your first investment, or on many, I will cut all the pain of learning this knowledge on your own, and help you to make money on your very first property.

Included in your investment kit will be all the tools, forms, and techniques, necessary to find the right kinds of investments.

Making Sensible, Creative Deals

Making creative deals with buyers and sellers is critical to profiting from real estate. My techniques are virtually unknown to most everyone, including others who are selling real estate investment courses.

Nowhere else will you find someone willing, or able, to create the kinds of transactions that we will be creating together. My experience in writing such transactions is the key to your success from your very first investment. By becoming your partner, I will keep you from making common mistakes, and insure that you will be making deals that will be profitable, since my investment is on the line right along with yours.

Basically, you will be finding properties using techniques that I will teach you. You will be filling out property information sheets provided in the kit, and faxing them to me. I will then create the offers to buy and sell the property for you, eliminating the confusion, uncertainty, and mistakes, experienced by most beginning investors.

Profiting From the Transactions

Of course the whole point of investing in real estate is to make money. My approach to helping you become a successful investor is to literally walk you through each step of the process.

You will not be on your own by investing with me. This is the crucial difference between myself and the other people selling investment courses, sometimes for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. I won't be making any money by selling you all my secrets for the small price of my investment kit.

To be frank, I want to make my money by ACTUALLY, REALLY, helping YOU to make money. If you're not successful, neither will I be successful. I realize that by teaching you these techniques, and profiting from doing so, that eventually you will not need to partner with me any more. This is perfectly fine with me, because when you ARE ready to go it alone, I will know that my involvement with you will have all been worth it, for us both. Your success will perhaps be my greatest reward.

So, to surmise, there is a great deal of profit to be made in real estate investing, right now, where you live. Why let someone else make it? I think that WE should take advantage of these opportunities for ourselves, together. I don't have time to find all the deals out there. I need your help, and as a beginner, you most certainly need mine as well. So let's get together and build a brighter, more secure future. Order Your Investment Kit Today, and let's make some real money together.